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Изолирование портов в 3Com

Организация1 подключена к порту1, Организация2 подключена к порту2 одного коммутатора. Порты 1 и 2 принадлежат одной и тойже VLAN. Пул адресов с по принадлежит Организации1,  Пул адресов с по принадлежит Организации2. Организации 1 и 2 не должны связываться между собой .


Маршрутизация в 3Com

Конфигурирование static route for Ethernet Switch A
[Switch A]ip route-static
[Switch A]ip route-static
[Switch A]ip route-static


Spanning-tree protocol 3Com

1Configure Switch A
a  Enable RSTP globally.
[4500]stp enable
b  The port RSTP defaults are enabled after global RSTP is enabled. You can disable RSTP on those ports that are not involved in the RSTP calculation,however, be careful and do not disable those involved. 
(The following configuration takes GigabitEthernet 1/0/25 as an example.)
[4500]interface gigabitethernet 1/0/25
[4500-GigabitEthernet1/0/25]stp disable


Конфигурим access control list в 3Com

Создаем access control list.
acl number acl_number [ match-order { config | auto } ]
Добавляем правило в ACL (from Advanced ACL View)
rule [ rule_id ] { permit | deny } protocol [ source { source_addr wildcard | any } ] [ destination { dest_addr wildcard | any } ][ source-port operator port1 [ port2 ] ] [ destination-port operator port1 [ port2 ] ] [ icmp-type type code ] [ established ]
[ [ { precedence precedence tos tos | dscp dscp vpn-instance instance ] fragment ]*

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